Why is Russia and the Roubles pegged to Gold?

Why is Russia and the Ruble pegged to Gold

Surprisingly, the Bank of Russia, Russia’s central bank has announced a fixed price to buy gold with roubles. A gram of gold will cost RUB5,000 (PS45.12), which is the highest price a country’s currency has ever been quoted in “gold parity” since 1999, when Switzerland stopped doing it. The world’s largest powers used gold parity […]

How do Wars Affect The Gold Rate Today?

How do Wars Affect The Gold Rate Today - goldrate-today.com

Investors are being urged to look to gold as a safe haven during times of turmoil due to the recent events. To determine if this is a wise decision, it’s important to understand how wars affect the gold rate. Gold has been a safe investment in times of uncertainty and conflict. This is because precious […]

How to Purchase Gold?

how to purchase gold

You don’t need to turn your walk-in closet into Fort Knox if you want to buy gold. You may only need storage if you have an investment account. Buying Physical Gold Gold Bars People looking to purchase gold bars, also known as bullion, are tempted to choose these bars. Bullion is usually sold by the […]

The Biggest Gold Nuggets Found

The safest investment is gold. It won’t lose its value even in tough times. The glimmer of golden is even more bright for those who find the precious metal. Scroll down or click to see the stories behind some of the most significant single-gold finds ever made. The Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget Australia has exported […]

What is Gold used for?

Gold is the most useful mineral that has been extracted from the Earth. The variety of properties that make it useful are what give it its uniqueness. It conducts electricity and does not tarnish. Gold is also very easy to work with. Silver is a unique metal that holds a special place within the human […]

Gold and Silver: What are the main differences?

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Investors rush to gold when the economy is in trouble and inflation is high. Although silver is regarded as a safe-haven asset, it receives a lot less attention. Both precious metals are highly sought-after throughout history. This makes them attractive when currencies and stocks lose value. Pandemic fears and a weakening U.S. Dollar led to […]

The Origins of Gold and Why Gold is Rare?

The rarity of gold is what gives it its status as a precious and valuable metal. All the gold that has been mined over time would fit in a rectangular box measuring around 20m by 20m. This is not due to a failure of miner to find more. It is rare in the Universe as […]

Top Gold Producing Countries in the World

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The rarest element in the universe, gold is approximately 0.003 parts per billion of the earth’s crust. How much gold does the world produce each year? Global gold mine production in 2021 was reported at 3,463.7 tonnes. This is a decrease of one percent over the previous year and marks the first year-over year decline […]

Gold: A Brief History

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We have evidence that there was a gold/silver ratio as far back 3100 B.C. in the code of Menes who is the founder of the first Egyptian Dynasty. This code states that one part of gold equals two and one-half parts of silver. This is the earliest example of a value relationship between silver and […]

Gold is the Best Safe Haven Asset

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In the past half-decade, much has been written about the bull market, corrections and general volatility in the precious metals markets. A number of studies have been done on the role of gold as a hedge for portfolio diversification. (1990). The study of other precious metals’ hedging abilities as a safe haven has also been […]